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Galician Bands

© Manuel Carro 1996,97,98 - Version 0.3

November 23, 1998

Here you will find some bits of information about some Galician music bands. Any comments, questions, suggestions for additions, etc. are very welcome, and will be addressed here as time allows. Please, bear in mind that I do not know everything (who does?), and that my opinions and views may be biased -- but I'll do my best to give impartial information.

For information about Galician traditional instruments and makers, very specially bagpipes, check out my pages on Galician Bagpipes.

I would appreciate very much every correction (specially those related to my rather peculiar use of English) and contribution to this document. I will give credit to the people who have contributed, unless they explicitly refuse to appear here. Please bear in mind that some mistakes cannot be directly attributed to me, but I am willing to correct them. If you spot any error or inconsistency, please let me know!.

I give herein explicit permission to redistribute this document in any format (floppy disk, e-mail, electronic transference, hardcopy, etc), as long as the document includes this notice, it is not sold or distributed for profit, and clear directions on how to retrieve it in whole remain. Portions of this document (mainly scores, when I add any...) may be copyrighted, and if anyone makes profit of them, it is his/her responsibility to arrange legal matters.

For pointers regarding information about other types of bagpipes, please refer to my hobbies which can also be reached from my beloved home page.

I am on Internet, and
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in the snail-mail world.

From time to time I receive e-mail asking me to keep people up-to-date with respect to the changes I might make on these pages. Though I do keep the mail addresses of everyone who sends me e-mail concerning the gaitapages, and I tell them when any major update takes place, you may want to simply be notified automatically. To this end I advise you to use the URL-minder free service. Either send a mail to with an empty body and a subject line ``URL-minder help'' (without the quotes) or visit their home page.

Note: some of these pages contain graphics. If you are using a graphical WWW browser, and the link happens to be slow, you may want to turn off automatic graphics loading.

You can also retrieve the whole document in PostScript format, in compressed PostScript (using GNU's gzip), and in compressed format using DOS zip.

That's enough. Now, go to the real stuff.

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