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Xosé Manuel Budiño

Oh, this had to appear sooner in my pages... it is here, now. A powerful band, full of outstanding musicians, which will make you jump, rock, clap, and grieve at times--well, not so, but only because the general ambient will prevent that. His (only, at the moment) record features outstanding Breton musicians Jacky Molard and Soïg Siberil, Basque trikitilari (diatonic accordeon player) Kepa Junkera, and the incredible voice of the Galician Mercedes Peón. The band, on stage, uses to host these and other musicians, such as bass clarinet player Pablo Pascual and the fine violin player José Climent, of La Musgaña fame.

Many of the themes in Budiño's band first CD are composed by him, and the effect is a fresh and powerful sound, which, having roots in the deepest Galician tradition, takes off with a different conception of a Galician band, leaving behind the land-of-sorrow that view Galicia has exported (or, perhaps, that others have imported from it), to open the door to an experience of exposure to the wild.

The core musicians in his band are:

X. M. Budiño
Galician pipes, low whistle, uilleann pipes.
Pedro Pascual
bouzouki, octave mandolin.
Xavier Díaz
button and piano accordion.
Leandro del Tell
assorted percussions.
Xan Hernández
Pablo Alonso
Bass clarinet.

2 Badajoz
10 Carballo
11 Pontevedra
17 Festival do Sil (León)
28 Cambados
1 Festival Folk da Carballeira de Zas
4 Vigo
7 Bértiz (Navarra)
18 Vilagarcía de Arousa
29 Festival Intercelta de a Coruña

19 Monforte de Lemos
25 Valeira (lugo)

13 Zaragoza
23 Villalba (Lugo)

20 Murcia (Teatro Romea)

2 Madrid (Sala "La Riviera").
Special guests: Jacky Molard, an outstanding Breton fiddler and musician, and Mercedes Peón, an incredible voice from Galicia.
3 Barcelona (Sala Apolo). Gests: Jacky Molard and Mercedes Peón.
22 Vigo (Centro Cultural Caixavigo) + Guests artists.

Additionally, Xosé Manuel Budiño will take part as a guest in the performances of Kepa Junkera at the following places and dates:

15 Pamplona
28 Cáceres
5 Salamanca
16 Cartagena

Xosé Manuel Budiño can be reached at .

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