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Record Distributors

Looking for gaita records, or any other traditional music? Check out these labels, which are specialized in folk and traditional music.

Discos Bits is a music shop with Internet access which has (or can get hold of) most of the recordings of Galician groups -- not only on the folk side. Its address is

Go and visit them!

Arpa Folk distributes records of folk music groups from Spain and other parts of the world. They can be reached at:

San Isidro Labrador n $^{\underline{{\rm o}}}$ 19
E-28005 Madrid
Ph. +34-(9)1-366-5346

SoniFolk have a WWW page with part of their catalog (they have a more complete one, which they send by mail), and they also sell by mail. I think you can also order by e-mail/WWW.

Fernando el Católico 58
Sótano interior A
E-28015 Madrid
Ph. +34-(9)1-544-5955
Fax: +34-(9)1-544-9738

Do Fol is a record label specialized in Galician folk and traditional music. It is linked to the record distributor Boa Musica.

Do Fol Edicións
Sierra de Algodonales 12
E-28018 Madrid
Ph. +34-(9)1-479-1763
Fax: +34-(9)1-478-3307

A note for newcomers: For those who want to have a first approach to a quite wide exposition of Galician music instruments, besides gaita, I would wholeheartedly recommend acquiring the double CD ``Instrumentos Musicais Populares Galegos''. A third-party comment says:

``A bargain double album and a book, all dealing with the instruments and music of Galicia. It covers the music of the area pretty comprehensively, from demonstrations of the range and scales of the featured instruments, through traditional ensemble playing, to arrangements with parallels in the work of O'Riada or Shaun Davey in Ireland. A great shop-window for Galego music, instruments and musicianship, and I should think destined for classic status''. (Andrew Cronshaw, Folk Roots, n $^{\underline{{\rm o}}}$ 66). In time, this recording has proven to be a school for the most important galician musicicans of today. Here you will find the very first recordings of new celtic music wizard Carlos Nuñez, impresing everyone with his extraordinary talent when he was just a young boy. Also in this album you will find musicians such as Carlos Corral (Trisquel), Anxo Lois Pinto and Santiago Cribeiro (Matto Congrio & Berrogüeto) among others.

I know it is available through SoniFolk.

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