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Miscelaneous Pointers

A collection of data which does not belong anywhere else specifically, since it is not directly related to the Galician bagpipe, but which deserved to be stored somewhere.

Gaita Mailing List

There is a mailing on Spanish (not only Galician) bagpipes; it is called l-gaita, and discussions is mainly in Spanish, although participation of foreign speakers is not discouraged by any means. It is one of the lists managed in the mail community OneList. Look under the category Music/Folk, or browse the archives

Na Gaits Mailing List

Asociación de Amigos da Gaita

The Asociación de Amigos da Gaita (Bagpipe Friends Association) is setting up a WWW site with information about the association and more miscellaneous information about Spanish bagpipes. As far as I know, texts will be in Spanish, Galician and English.

Aragonese Traditional Music

There is an association of traditional musicians in Aragon, which encompasses not only bagpipers, but also fiddlers, dulzaina players, accordion players, etc. They publish a (free) magazine about traditional Aragonese music. The association can be contacted at the following mail address:

Asociación de Gaiteros de Aragón
c/ Juan Cabrero 20, local izqdo.
50007 Zaragoza

Fax & Ph: +34-976-279488

More information can be found in the Música Tradicional Aragonesa web pages. They have many traditional songs and dance tunes in MIDI format, as well as links and references pertaining to Aragonese folklore.

Paulo Vázquez Pointers

Not really focused on gaita, Paulo's pages have a good account of Galician folk (traditional and renewed) groups. The only thing for the foreigner visitor is that they have been written in Galician, but if you speak either Spanish or Portuguese, you have chances of understanding most of their contents. In any case, they have links to english-written pages as well.

Tot Music

Tot Music is a set of WWW pages hosted in Lleida, Catalonia, with information about festivals, instruments, traditional groups, etc.

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