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Gaita Schools

Apart from small, local schools, usually run by local bagpipers in High or Elementary schools as part of the additional activities offered (I myself started to play bagpipes when in 7th grade in elementary school), there are other gaita schools open to anyone. In most cases they fall into two groups: either they are officially sponsored by local government branches, or by cultural organizations. In any cases, they usually offer piping and drumming classes, and, in some cases, dance classes, and almost always they will have a well-stablished group fully able to do performances wherever they are required.

Galician Centers around the world usually offer classes of Galician bagpiping, drumming, and dancing, or they know addresses of teachers or groups nearby. This is probably the first source of information.

A list of the addresses of Galician Centers in the world can be found at the Xunta de Galicia WWW server.

Note: I am still looking for more school addresses. Anyone?

Escola de Gaita Tradicional Galega

Founded and lead by Xoán Brandón, a Galician relocated in Madrid. They offer teaching on piping and drumming, and they have a band with which they have performed several times in Madrid and surroundings. The leader also plays in the group Akelarre Agrocelta. The school can be contacted at:

Escola de Gaita Tradicional Galega
Xoan Brandón
C/San Claudio 41 -- Local 3
28038 Madrid

Phone: +34-606-411895


Marmuríos de Leucoíña

This musical group and bagpipe school is based in Pontevedra, in Southern Galicia. I actively collaborate with them (well, whenever I am able to, which is not as often as I would have desired... I live some 600 Km from them.). They offer piping and drumming classes, given by highly proficient musicians. They teach piping using closed-fingering style. For more enquiries, please refer to the postal address:

Marmuríos de Leucoíña
Curros Enríquez, 10
E-36001 Pontevedra

They can also be contacted by e-mailing one of its components living in Pontevedra. His name is José, and his e-mail address is He will be very happy of answering any question you might have regarding the school and/or the group.

Escola de Gaitas da Deputación de Ourense

As far as I know, they focus mainly on gaita bands, in a spirit not very unlike that of the Scottich bagpipe bands. Many people say this is contrary to the tradition in Galicia. Other people say this is a natural development.

Escola Provincial de Gaitas
Deputación de Orense
E-32080 Ourense

Phone: +34-988-227314
Fax: +34-988-244350

Escola de gaitas e danzas galegas ``Toxos e Xestas''

This Barcelona-based school was founded in 1977 by Xosé Lois Foxo. Despite its being away from Galicia, has an very good record of activities, among which, of course, Galician dancing, bagpiping, and drumming classes are to be counted. They also organize every year a Galician Music Festival, now (in 1998) in its fourteenth edition. This festival has hosted so far some the best Galician groups and performers, and usually includes also guests from abroad. They have a gaita band sized 40, as well as two dance groups an one group of pandeireteiras (Galician tambourine female players).

Its address is:

Apdo. Postal 85 08080 Barcelona.
Tel / Fax +34-1-93- 4410283

For any question, Conchi Castro can be reached by e-mail.

Conservatorio de Música Tradicional da Universidade Popular de Vigo

This Conservatorio (Music School) is linked to the Universidade Popular de Vigo. Apart from bagpipes, they offer lectures on other instruments, such as Galician drumming, zanfona (hurdy-gurdy), harp, fiddle, tambourine and traditional Galician singing. They also offer lectures on ethnography and folklore. There are also a school of instrument making. Some of the finest players and instrument makers were raised in this University.

Classes are free; the only requirement is being based on Vigo. For more information, write to Irene Varela.

Escola de Gaitas Tradicional Ourensana

Classes on piping and drumming. The full instruction spans along four years, and very much follows the system and methods of the Music Conservatory of Vigo. They can be reached at:

Escola de Gaitas Tradicional Ourensana
Claustro de San Francisco, s/n
32004 Ourense

+34-988-382082 or +34-988-230638

Or by sending e-mail to Xosé Lois Miguélez, one of the teachers in that school.

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