The Computational logic, Languages, Implementation, and Parallelism Laboratory

Logic Programming Repositories and Resources

No pretense is made of being exhaustive. We simply drop here every now and then pointers that we come across. A lot is missing. If you want a particular pointer to be included by all means please let us know.

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Not only Logic Programming, but also (Concurrent) (Constraint) Programming.
  • The Ciao Prolog Development System and other CLIP co-developed software, including:
    • A next-generation, GNU-licensed Prolog system which is also much more.
    • The CiaoPP preprocessor: property inference and checking (types, modes, failure, cost,...), analysis, specialization, optimization, parallelization, ...
    • The LPdoc autodocumenter for LP and CLP systems.
    (includes many previous CLIP systems such as PiLLoW, PLAI, &-Prolog, etc.).
  • SWI Prolog, sources and binaries.
  • D. Díaz's wamcc, clp_fd, clp_b, an experimental implementation that compiles to C.
  • SICStus: A mature commercial Prolog and CLP system.
  • ECLiPSe, the integration of ECRC's former Sepia, MegaLog, CHIP and ElipSys systems into a single powerful tool.
  • Prolog Development Center (PDC) homepage (formerly Turbo Prolog, now Visual Prolog).
  • Micha Meier's ProTcl, an interface between Prolog and Tcl/Tk.
  • Trinc-Prolog.
  • The Oz homepage.
  • Prolog by BIM.

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