The Computational logic, Languages, Implementation, and Parallelism Laboratory

CLIP CLIP Group Publications by Topic

This is Technical Report CLIP-PubsBytopic/2024.2477
A PDF version of this report suitable for printing is available here.

Note: This document provides a unified list of publications by the CLIP group members, classified by research topic (as well as by type of publication - journal, book, invited, workshop, etc.). A list of publications classified by year of publication is also available. Please note that this document is generated automatically and periodically from the group database and may contain repetitions, omissions, and other errors. We ask for understanding with these errors and at the same time will very much appreciate any pointers to them.

Acknowledgments: The work presented in these papers has been carried out in collaboration with numerous other researchers (co-authors of the papers) and institutions, and has been funded in part by a number of public and private agencies. Please refer the CLIP group list of funded research projects for a list of such institutitons.

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