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Internet and WWW programming using LP and CLP


Computational Logic systems (Logic Programming, Constraint Logic Programming, and their extensions, collectively referred to as "(C)LP" systems) can offer an attractive environment for developing Internet applications. On the one hand they share many of the attractive characteristics of popular network programming tools, including dynamic memory management, well-behaved structure and pointer manipulation, robustness, and compilation to architecture-independent bytecode. However, in addition, (C)LP systems offer some unique features such as very powerful symbolic processing capabilities, constraint solving, dynamic databases, search facilities, grammars, sophisticated meta-programming, and well understood semantics. Such features can often make it very easy to code simple applications. Most importantly, they can also help substantially when coding complex applications, such as, to cite just two examples, those which include natural language understanding and those which involve constraint satisfaction. However, it is sometimes not completely obvious how (C)LP tools can be applied in certain situations that appear in network applications. The purpose of this page is to provide some pointers to software packages, publications, proceedings of meetings, and tutorials which discuss and present practical solutions for a number of issues related to writing Internet and WWW applications using (C)LP systems. This includes generating HTML structured documents, producing HTML forms, writing form handlers, accessing and parsing WWW documents, supporting automatic (C)LP code download for local execution using generic browsers, and (C)LP compilation to languages such as Java. Some other related issues are also covered including agent-based programming, Internet communication support (sockets, blackboards, servers, shared variables, etc.), concurrency support, coordination, etc.


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