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The SAS-LOPSTR-AGP local organizers have obtained some financial support from the European Commission in order to provide grants to European students and researchers with limited funding. Grants will be given in the form of a registration waiver, covering attendance to the conference option selected (as they appear in the registration form), plus free accommodation at a university residence during the event. The registration waiver does not include social dinner, nor excursion, nor any extra proceedings or tickets. These can be purchased at the conference.

Due to the conditions under which the funding received for the conference was granted, only PhD students from the EC and researchers from the EC with limited budgets qualify for application for a grant.

To apply, please, send the following items to:
(or fax to +34-91-352-4819).
  1. The application form filled in (find it here in text format).

  2. A brief Curriculum Vitae (in postscript, pdf, or text format) including current working position and publications.

  3. If you are a PhD student, a supporting note from your adviser or department chair. (It must be sent by your adviser or department chair, or otherwise, faxed with his/her signature).

  4. If you are a researcher, a note explaining the budget limitations you suffer.
Since the number of grants available is limited, applications will undergo a selection process.

Grants will be decided on September, 1st

and the decision communicated to the applicants (preferably, by e-mail). We will probably not be able to attend applications received after the date above.

If applying for a grant, you need not register in advance. You should register, however, after your application has been decided, one way or the other.

If your application is selected, then you would only need to make payment effective for extra proceedings, banquet or excursion tickets (remember that the social events are excluded from the grant).

If your application is not selected, you will have to make payment of your registration fee effective. In this case, however, your registration will be accepted as an early registration, independently of when you actually make the payment.

Grants include free accommodation at a university student residence during the week of the event. Please, remember to write down your arrival and departure dates in the application form.

Since the grant application may not be selected, it is advisable that you independently provide for booking accommodation in advance.