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This is the history (with dates, when available) of the latest pieces of information added to the pages.

Mon Jan 6 1997
Added electronic addresses for Sonifolk and ARPA FOLK, corrected phones and snail-mail addresses.
Fri Nov 8 1996
Added description, tips, and advices regarding reeds.
Fri Nov 7 1996
Added a link for the html-ized version of Casey Burns' advices on wooden flutes maintenance
Mon Jul 1 1996
Made public a page with tunes for Galician bagpipes
Wed May 8 1996
Added the Bagpipes' Museum of Gijón's address
Wed May 7 1996
Added information about the group ``Durindaina''
Tue Feb 27 1996
Corrected some data about the Aragonese bagpipe. Added the Misc section.
Wed Feb 21 1996
Added some information about the Galician bellows-blown pipe.
Tue Nov 21 1995
Added URL of URL-minder.
Added address of Xunta de Galicia's Cultural Actions Service.
Added some notes about Milladoiro.
Added Marmuríos de Leucoíña address.
Added a bunch of pictures and addresses of bagpipe makers.