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Institutional Resources

Looking for a band or a dance group, or for a teacher to give lessons? Looking for books on bagpiping? The Galician Autonomous Government has set up an office where you can ask for information about those topics, and much more related to Galicia and its culture: courses on different topics (language, cuisine...), addresses of Galician Centers around the world, etc. If they cannot help you themselves, they will forward your request to the appropriate person, or give you back a pointer to the right place to address. The contact person address is:

Consellería da Presidencia e Admón. Póblica
Secretaría Xeral para as Relacións coas Comunidades Galegas
Servicio de Acción Formativo Cultural
Casa da Parra
Praza da Quintana
15703 Santiago de Compostela

Ph. +34-981-545880
Fax: +34-981-566204

Yes, the address is quite lengthy, but it is the right address...