JOSEPH AAJ Chackompally (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 19:19:05 +0800

Answer in short :

Block size settings has to be 512 byte Blocks.
Check the DIP switches


Dear Sun Managers,

One of my colleague wants to use a Toshiba CDROM drive on a Ultra
Sparc 1 machine running Solaris 2.5.1
The model number is XM5201B
He says that, according to Toshibas website this CDROM is compatible.

The CDROM when connected to the machine is identified by the system
and vold does the mounting part of it. He can see the files, but when he
tries to access any file using file manager the window just closes.

He tried this in text mode.
ls -l will show the file size of the files on the cdrom, but when he tried to
cat or more nothing appears, it looks as if it is zero byte files.

Please share your experiences with the same drive.

Thanks and Regards


"Simon Convey" <> wrote :

Yes, Toshiba did make Sun compatible drives, and they were the
XMseries. It
should have some dip switches underneath it which allows you to
change the
blocking factor, also the drive should have the required firmware to

Ronald Loftin <> wrote

It sounds like you're doing the blocksize dance. When Sun originally did
the setup for bootable CDs they forced the blocksize to 512-bytes, so
a bootable CD would look like a disk drive to the brain-dead boot proms of
the time. Everybody else using CD-ROMs uses a 2K block size. If it's
documented at all, there may be a jumper that you can change on the
that will enable a SCSI command that selects 512-byte transfer mode.
Sorry, but I don't remember where on the Web this information can be
at the moment, but a little work with a search engine should turn it up.

Ronald Loftin E-mail:
D. Ellen March <> wrote

I had a cdrom drive from toshiba, I bought it for a pc.
To use it on a sparc, and to be able to boot from it,
I had to send it back to toshiba for a firmware upgrade,
it cost $80.00 + $8.00 shipping.

They are in california.