Summary: setting timeout/autologout in tcsh

Ju-Lien Lim (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:08:13 -0800 (PST)

My thanks to the following people:
Sean Ward <>
Igor Schein <>
Charlie Giannetto <>
Paul Burry <>
Frank Cusack <>
Christophe Diarra <>
Thomas Anders ,>
Brian Mullen <>
Stefan Voss <>
Karl Vogel <>

Original question:
I'm trying to set it so that all sessions that
are idle for more than 15 minutes get logged out

I know with ksh, it's
TMOUT=900; export TMOUT

I seem to be having some trouble with tcsh, where I
believe it's
setenv autologout 15

It doesn't seem to work for me for tcsh... can
anyone point me in the right direction?

As everyone pointed out, autologout is a shell
variable and not an environment variable, and
therefore, it is set as follows:

set autologout=15

Or better yet, try:

set autologout=(300 30)
# auto-lock after 30 min, auto-logout after 300
minutes (5 hours)

There was also mention not to bother trying this at
the shell level as it can be disabled too easily. Use
something like untamo, which one can get from

I wanted to also mention that I did get idled (Idle
"Demon") which is also monitors and manages idle
processes. I found it somewhere on the net, if
anyone is interested in the ftp site, let me know,
and I'm sure I can dig it up.

Thanks again!


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