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Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:29:58 -0600

To the Worshippers of the Sun:

First, kudos and thanks to those who replied:

James Musso <>
"Davidson, T. (CIV)" <>
Nadya Williams <>

Original question:

>This question has been forwarded from a friend who's SPARCstation has
>failed. I've included his email address in case someone wanted to send him
>email directly rather than through me.
>I might be inclined to think that this may be a malfunctioning keyboard
>that may be causing this failure. I've seen a similar occurrence on a
>Dose anyone have any ideas? Mucho appreciato.
> -r
>>From: "Eric T. McCann" <>
>>To: "'Bob Radvanovsky'" <>
>>Cc: "'Eric T. McCann'" <>
>>Subject: RE: SUMMARY: SGI mailing list
>>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 11:35:21 -0600
>>Not sure, but the keyboard diagnostic lights on the right side of my type
>4 keyboard indicate a system failure somewhere. I'm don't remember what
>the light codes mean anymore so I don't know what died. There are 4 lights
>in a row side-by-side (you know?) and the two lights farthest to the right
>stay lit and the system hangs HARD! No keyboard functionality after the
>hang or anything.

And for the responses:

(James Musso)

My docs say it is either Main logic board failure or bad simm at U0310. I
would of course change out the simm. If it still fails -time to call cycle
for a new motherboard-sorry for the bad news :-(

(Davidson T.)

On a Sparc 2, when the 2 right lights (scroll and Num) are on, that means
your CPU Motherboard has failed post and is bad. You must have the
Mother board refurbished. You can Call Comtek in california and they
can quote you a price on having the Mother Board Refurbished.
You will have to look inside and find the Part Number of your Motherboard
so you can give that to them. The Part number will start off with 501-xxxx.
You can also confirm the problem with them. Their number is 800-823-4500.

(Nadya Williams)

The two lights on the 4-type keyboard (Scroll Lock and NUm Lock)
when lit mean main logic component failed or SIMM in slot 0 failed.

Results of the responses sent back to either myself or Eric McCann:

Got my SPARC 2 up and running again. She's not complaining at all anymore.
In a nutshell here's what I did:

Pulled all memory and rearranged their locations (in groups of 4 of course).

That's it. Now it works fine.


Looks like it was a seating problem on the SPARC 2. Thank you to everyone
who responded.