SUMMARY:Books on CDE, NIS+, Firewall1

Carlos Sevillano (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:34:22 -0500

Thanks to all who responded:

Steven Sakata <>
Charlie Mengler <>
Sanjiv K. Bhatia <>
Ning Zhang <>

Regarding Checkpoint Firewall1 information and books...well, I did find
some on their web site. I tried to used the ID from our Firewall person to
get access to the FAQ, DOCS and other information at, however, firewall does not sell their product
directly, all support comes from the reseller. I am using the
documentation that came with the product. Also, if you need a patch you
must get a passwd and id from the is inconvenient.
did not provide information about Firewall1.

Sanjiv K. Bhatia recommended three books on CDE:
Charles V. Fernandez. Configuring CDE: The Common Desktop
Environment. ISBN 0-13-102724-7

Common Desktop Environment 1.0: User's Guide. CDE Documentation
Group. ISBN: 0-201-48951-1

Common Desktop Environment 1.0: Advanced User's and Systems
Administrators' Guide. CDE Documentation Group. ISBN: 0-201-48952-X

Ning Zhang recommended to go to where I found
books on NIS+, NFS, and Solaris Administration: Search for books & CDE, NFS, NIS+

System Administrator's Guide 2nd Edition
by Janice Winsor ISBN 1-57870-039-6

CDE-10-DOC Hardcopy Documentation

CDE Technical Q&A

All About Administering NIS+, 2nd ed. (Ramsey)
ISBN 0-13-309576-2 $42.50

NFS and NIS (Old 1991)
Managing NFS and NIS By Hal Stern 1st Edition June 1991
ISBN 0-937175-75-7, 436 pages, $27.95

CDE Whitepaper

Original Question:
> I am looking for complete and detailed books on:
> NIS+ setup, management, troubleshooting, NIS to NIS+ migration.
> NFS setup, management, troubleshooting v2 & v3...integration with NT.
> CDE setup, management, troubleshooting...etc
> Checkpoint Firewall1 v3.0a & v3.0b (UNIX & NT)
> I would appreciate any URL or book suggestions.
> Thanks
> Carlos Sevillano
> 212 297-6871