SUMMARY: Backup Procedure

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The original question was:

> We have a network with 1 Sun Netra i4, 1 Sun Netra i5 and Sparc Station
> 20. All running SOlaris 2.5.1. Only 2 of them has a tape drive directly
> conected. My question is, what is the best to way to backup all
> the systems. I mean, if one of those machines stops working i need
> to be capable to set up a new Sun box and retrieve everything from
> the tape ASAP. I have been using a simple script that save /etc
> /var /usr and /export (users stuff disk) of the 2 machines
> that have tape drive, but it is not good. Last week one of our disks
> failed and the backup retrieve was not satisfactory!

In short words the answer was:

It's better to use a Network Backup Utility like Solstice Backup or
Legato Networker to do the job.

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