SUMMARY: Cannot remove directories "file exists"

Anthony Tran (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 15:35:13 -0800

It turns out that I had an automount deamon running and /home directory
was used by automounter. I end up to do like this....
> edit /etc/auto_master - comment out the line /home auto_home
> automount -v
> cd /home
> rm -rf foo

Thanks to Deepak Wilson for his correct answer.

Also thanks to the following for their inputs:

Steven Sakata
Joel Lee
Coffindaffer, Virginia
Igor Schein
Auteria Wally Winzer Jr.
Kevin Sheehan

Original question:

> Hello managers,
> I have a Sparc system running Solaris 2.5.1. Recently, I can't remove
> a
> directory in /home (even I am root). Here is what I got:
> # rm -rf foo
> rm: Unable to remove directory foo: File exists
> What's wrong? How do I delete this directory?
> TIA.
> Anthony
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