SUMMARY: jetadmin download

Mariel Feder (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 14:00:59 -0800

Original Question:

Does anybody know where I can download the last version
for jetadmin?

I've tried the hp page, but when you get to the download itself,
it becomes impossible.

Any alternative address?

Thanks in advance


Many people directed me to the hp address, and follow the procedures for
download ( The problem is that is seems to be a problem with
page of the last step for the procedure, and I got a TCP error when
trying to
contact the server.
But others told me that they have also encountered some problems when
the HP web servers.

Some others, suggested to download it via ftp directly, from

And a couple of really great guys, send it to me as an attachment to
their answer.
I appreciated that very much, because it seems that our internet
is very slow lately, and all the ftp requests take a whole life to
My special thanks to Matthew Atkinson, David Thorburn-Gundlach and
Matthew Lee Stier for this.

Thanks to all the repliers:

Asim Zuberi <>
P Deepak Shetty <>
Steve Binyon <>
Joseph S D Yao <>
Bob Radvanovsky <>
Matthew Stier <>
David Thorburn-Gundlach <>
Claudia Miller <>
Charles Mengel <>
"Cathy Smith" <>
Matthew Atkinson <>
"Rodney C. Marable" <>


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