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Dave Wreski (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 21:25:50 -0500 (EST)

Hi all. My original question was regarding security training classes other than
what Sun already has to offer. Responses mostly included the SANS conference,
which is an excellent idea. Others included the O'Reilly books instead.


1. Skip the classes; they're expensive and don't cover the necessary info.

Just buy a copy of Spafford & Garfinkel's Unix/Internet security book
and read it cover-to-cover. Much cheaper, takes less time, and gives
*far* better information.

2. Sun has a course called "Solaris Network Security With Firewall-1,
SA-388" that might be of help to you. I don't where in the USA you
may take it 'coz I took mine in Sun Singapore.

Other books that may be of very good help are by the O'Reilly
series, like "Practical Unix and Internet Security" and "Building
Internet Firewalls".

3. CERT gives pretty good classes several times a year. Also contact NCSA as
I believe they also offer some classes. I have found the best training is
at various conferences, both during and after the daily evemts.:) Don't
lock yourself into SUN only classes as most any class will be useful and
the knowledge can be applied to any system.

4. some ideas
. reading
. buying a license of Safesuite from
. reading bugtraq mailing list (full disclosure mailing list)
. USENIX tutorials in conferences

5. Try Learning Tree's.

6. Check out the Open Systems Security & ISSA Annual Conference,
23-25 March 1998, Orlando, Florida.

Sponsor: MIS Training Institute
phone: (508) 879-7999

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