Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Logic Programming Tools for Internet Applications

in conjunction with ICLP'97, Leuven, Friday, July 11, 1997

Edited by

Koen De Bosschere , University of Gent, Belgium (
Manuel Hermenegildo , Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (
Paul Tarau, University of Moncton, Canada (

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   - Preface (View with Ghostview)
     Koen De Bosschere,  Manuel Hermenegildo and Paul Tarau
   - Invited talk (View with Ghostview)
     Lee Naish and Ulf Nilsson

   - Internet Credential Acceptance Policies (View with Ghostview)
     K. E. Seamons, W. Winsborough, and M. Winslett

   - No More "Me Too"  (View with Ghostview)
     R. Price

   - A Two-Level World Wide Web Model with Logic Programming Links (View with Ghostview)
     S. W. Loke and A. Davison

   - A Deductive Data Model for Representing and Querying Semistructured Data (View with Ghostview)
     F. Giannotti, G. Manco and D. Pedreschi

   - Logic Programming Methods for Searching the Web (View with Ghostview)
     H. Prendinger

   - Distributed Information Retrieval using a Multi-Agent System and the role of Logic Programming (View with Pageview)
     K. Clark, V. S. Lazarou

   - Practical Development of Internet Prolog Applications using a Java Front End  (View with Ghostview) 
     S. R. El-Beltagy, M. Rafea, and A. Rafea

   - Embedding Prolog in the Java Environment (View with Ghostview)
     M. Calejo and J. P. Sousa

   - Merging Logic Programming into Web-based Technology: A Coordination-based Approach (View with Ghostview)
     E. Denti, A. Natali, and A. Omicini

   - WG-LOG: A Graph-Oriented Language for the World Wide Web (View with Ghostview)
     E. Damiani, L. Tanca