Re: CERT Advisory CA-97.28 - Teardrop_Land

Wed, 17 Dec 1997 01:26:45 +0000

> > Red Hat Software
> > ================
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> > Topic 1 - Teardrop
> >
> > Linux is not vulnerable.
> It's well known that versions of Linux prior to publishing of the
> teardrop attack *were* vulnerable. The above borders on an outright
> lie.

I've already moaned. The correct answer is:


Prior to 2.0.31 and earlier are vulnerable to teardrop
2.0.32 and above are not.

RedHat 5.0 ships with a 2.0.31+patches that is not vulnerable. RH5.0
update for the 2.0.32 kernel is on

update kernel and/or apply the patch to the existing kernel if you wish
to remain running an older kernel for reasons such as compliance testing.

I _hope_ someone in RH or Cert merely got teardrop and land muddled up.