Program in Methods for the Development of Dependable, High-Quality, and Secure Software
(PROgrama en MÉtodos para el Desarrollo de Software Fiable, de Alta Calidad y Seguro)
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Industrial Partners

A number of companies -- some with previous collaborative experience -- have teamed to support this program, although the list could grow in the future:
  • Telefónica R&D is the leading national R&D company in the communications area. Details can be found here. Past collaboration includes European projects on software services specification and validation.
  • Atos Origin is a key company in the national software market. Current collaboration includes European proposals on semantic specification of components and software services.
  • Iberdrola is a leading, global, Spanish company in the energy sector, with its roots in production and delivery of electric power. As such, it is also a big software developer for its internal needs, ranging from the control of power stations to the monitoring of the distribution network, etc. Active collaboration is chanelled through the Principe de Asturias chair at the University of New Mexico, held by Manuel Hermenegildo, promoted by Iberdrola itself. From a technological standpoint, the interests of Iberdrola in the program are twofold. On one hand, safety critical software is a big motivation for doing research on correct/reliable production technologies. On the other hand, complex resource assignment problems introduces great expectations on constraint programming. Iberdrola has participated as EPO in former R&D activities of the signing groups and has also collaborated with the CLIP group in several European projects.
  • DEIMOS Space is a private Spanish company in the aerospace and communications field, also with a good deal of safety critical application areas. Deimos has participated as EPO in other projects by the signing groups.
  • ISOCO is a provider of component-based tailored software solutions. They are currently cooperating in several European proposals with the signing groups in areas related to specification and interoperability. They are also users of the Ciao system.
  • New Knowledge Network is a company working in the identification, design, development and support of entrepreneurial initiatives. They have collaborated in past research projects.
  • Indra is the leading Information Technologies and Defense Systems(IT) company in Spain, with revenues of 1,202 MEuros and an order book totalling 1,623 MEuros in 2005.
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