This symposium will consist of a collection of short invited talks on the state of the art, recent advances, historical perspectives, techniques and tools in the general areas of analysis, verification and transformation for declarative programming (including logic, constraint and functional programming) and the development of intelligent systems. Contributions to the symposium, as well as others from people unable to attend, will later be gathered into a volume.

The symposium will take place at the IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid, Spain.


9:30-10:00Welcome Coffee
10:10Patrick Cousot. Abstract Interpretation of Graphs
10:35Andy King. Calculating Best Abstractions
11:00-11:25Coffee Break
11:25Maria Garcia de la Banda. Analysing and CP Models: an Instance-based Approach
11:50David S. Warren. Managing State Logically in Tabled Prolog
12:15María Alpuente. Enforcing Safety in Maude via Program Specialization
12:40Narciso Martí Oliet. Maude Strategies for Narrowing
13:05-14:30Lunch Break
14:30Martin Wirsing. Towards Systematically Engineering Adaptive Systems
14:55Veronica Dahl. Transforming an English Grammar into that of the CHOL Indigenous Language: Hope for Under-Resourced Languages.
15:20Peter Stuckey. From CLP(R) to MiniZinc
15:45-16:10Coffee Break
16:10Mike Codish. Incremental Symmetry Breaking Constraints for Graph Search Problems
16:35Gopal Gupta. Static Analysis of Answer Set Programs under a Query-driven Regime
17:00Ricardo V. Peña Mari. SMT-based Test-Case Synthesis for Complex Preconditions
17:40-18:05Closing (Manuel Hermenegildo)


The symposium is jointly organized by the IMDEA Software Institute and the University of Verona.

John P. Gallagher
Roberto Giacobazzi
Pedro Lopez-Garcia

IMDEA Software Institute                                 Universita di Verona