This informal workshop celebrates Manuel Hermenegildo’s 60th birthday, honouring his numerous contributions to the areas of programming language design and implementation, static program analysis and verification, including abstract interpretation and parallelism in logic programs. The event will consist of a collection of short invited talks. It will take place in the meeting room of LOPSTR 2019 (see FM Week program) starting at 16.45.


17.00Manuel Carro. Random Snapshots
17.20Vítor Santos Costa. YAP and the Globalized World
17.40Wim Vanhoof. An an old (but still unsolved?) problem in program specialization
18.15John P. Gallagher. The Futamura projections and parallelization
18.35Pedro Lopez-Garcia. Resource Usage Analysis with CiaoPP
18.55Maria-del-Mar Gallardo. Analysis of extra-functional properties in mobile applications
19.15Closing (Manuel H)

After the workshop we will go to dinner at 8pm, Typographia Progresso restaurant, R. de Sousa Viterbo 89, Porto. Workshop participants are welcome to join us.


John P. Gallagher
Roberto Giacobazzi
Pedro Lopez-Garcia