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Many persons have contributed to the contents of this course. Special thanks are due to the members of the CLIP laboratory ( at the Technical University of Madrid. They not only provide a delightful environment to work in, but their always insightful remarks and comments foster a continuous desire to do a better job.

Many thanks are also due to people who have produced invaluable seminal work in the topics of logic and constraint logic programming, and that we have worked with and learnt from over the years. Listing all the names is an impossible job, but those of D.H.D. Warren, Joxan Jaffar, A. Colmerauer (and all his colleagues), Michael Maher, Peter Stuckey, and Kim Marriot cannot be left out of that list.

The preparation of this course was supported in part by Esprit project P23182, ``VOCAL''. We wish to thank also all the partners in the project for their feedback on earlier versions of the course.

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