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CLIP group
Facultad de Informatica
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain

Phone : +34 91 336 5017
Email : pawel_at_fi_upm_es

(previously at Linköping University, Sweden)


  • Correctness and verification of programs,
  • Static program analysis,
  • Constraint Logic Programming (CLP),
  • Types in (C)LP,
  • Applications of CLP.
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Publications and reports

Journal papers and book chapters

  1. W. Drabent, J. Maluszynski, P. Pietrzak: Using parametric set constraints for locating errors in CLP programs. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming. 2(4-5), pp.549-611, 2002, (available from CoRR).
  2. W. Drabent, J. Maluszynski, P. Pietrzak. Locating Type Errors in Untyped CLP Programs. Chapter 4 in: P. Deransart, M. Hermenegildo, J. Maluszynski (eds.) Analysis and Visualization Tools for Constraint Programming, volume 1870 of LNCS,  pp.121-150, Springer-Verlag, 2000 (pdf).

Refereed conferences and workshops

  1. P. Pietrzak, J. Correas, G. Puebla, M. Hermenegildo. A Practical Type Analysis for Verification of Modular Prolog Programs. In ACM SIGPLAN 2008 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM '08), pp.61-70, ACM Press, January 2008. (pdf)
  2. P. Pietrzak, M. Hermenegildo. Automatic Binding-related Error Diagnosis in Logic Programs. In International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP'07), LNCS 4670, pp.333-347, Springer-Verlag, September 2007. (pdf)
  3. P. Pietrzak, J. Correas, G. Puebla, M. Hermenegildo. Context-Sensitive Multivariant Assertion Checking in Modular Programs. In 13th International Conference on Logic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR'06), LNCS 4246, pp. 392-406, Springer-Verlag, November 2006. (pdf)
  4. W. Drabent, J. Maluszynski, P. Pietrzak. Parametric Descriptive Types for (C)LP. In P. Codognet (ed.): The Tenth International French Speaking Conference on Logic and Constraint Programming, pp.239-254, Hermes Science Publications, Paris, April, 2001.
  5. P. Pietrzak: Scheduling with commnunication delays: an experiment with CHIP. In J.Figwer (ed.): Proc. of the 2nd Workshop on Constraint Programming in Decision and Control.  pp.45-51, Gliwice, June, 2000.
  6. W. Drabent , J. Maluszynski, P. Pietrzak: Type-based Diagnosis of CLP Programs. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 30(4), 2000. (preliminary version appeared in Proc. of 10th Workshop on Logic Programming Environments. Las Cruces, NM, 1999.)
  7. W. Drabent, P. Pietrzak. Type Analysis for CHIP. In: Proc. of the Seventh International Conference on Algebraic Methotology and Software Technology (AMAST'98), volume 1548 of LNCS. pp. 389-405, Springer-Verlag, 1999 (pdf).
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  9. P. Pietrzak: Type Inference for CLP(FD), In: Proceedings of the International Logic Programming Symposium 97, MIT Press, 1997. Poster abstract. Extended version in the Workshop on Tools and Environments for (Constraint) Logic Programming, Port Jefferson, NY, 1997.


  1. P. Pietrzak, M. Hermenegildo. Improved Automatic Error Diagnosis Based on Abstract Interpretation. Num. CLIP11/2006.0, Technical University of Madrid, September 2006.
  2. F. Bueno, P. Lopez-Garcia, G. Puebla, M. Hermenegildo, and P. Pietrzak. The CHIP Assertion Preprocessor. Technical Report CLIP1/99.1, Technical University of Madrid (UPM).
  3. W. Drabent, P. Pietrzak. Inferring call and success types for CLP programs.ESPRIT DiSCiPl deliverable, September 1998.
  4. M. Comini, W. Drabent, J. Maluszynski, P. Pietrzak. A type-based diagnoser for CHIP. ESPRIT DiSCiPl deliverable, September 1998.


  1. P. Pietrzak: A Type-based Framework for Locating Errors in Constraint Logic Programs, Ph.D. thesis, Linköping University, 2002 (ps.gz), Errata
  2. P. Pietrzak: Static Incorrectness Diagnosis of CLP(FD), Licentiate thesis (Swedish half way to phd) 742, Linköping University, 1998.(ps.gz)

Teaching (outdated)

  • Database technology TDDB48 (Spring 2004, Linköping)
  • Databases and Bioinformatics TDDB77 (Spring 2004, Linköping)
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval TDDC08 (Spring 2004, Linköping)
  • Fundamentals of modern database systems FDA051 (Fall 2003, Linköping)
  • Database technology TDDB38 (Fall 2003, Linköping)
  • Database technology TNK074 (Spring 2003, Norrköping)
  • Data Structurers and Algorithms TNDE82 (Spring 2003, Norrköping)
  • Algorithms and Optimization TTIT33 (Fall 2002, Linköping)

Conference committees and organization

  • PITA 2007 International Conference on Principles of Information Technology and Applications, October 15-17, 2007, Wisla, Poland
  • FIMCSIT 2006 First International Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Technology, Wisla, Poland, November 6-10, 2006
  • SweConsNet'04 Workshop, Linköping, January 15, 2004

Old stuff

How To Invent A Meta-interpreter For The Ancestor Cut (with Jacek Martinek)


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