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hw.html (html text file)
hw_csh.cgi (CGI executable, using csh script)
hw_prolog.cgi (a Ciao executable)
hw_pshell.cgi (a Ciao Prolog script)
hw_pillow.cgi (using PiLLoW library)
simple_form.html (html text file)
simple_handler.cgi (using PiLLoW library)
simple_form_pillow.cgi (form generated using PiLLoW library)
simple_form_pillow_sugar.cgi (form generated using PiLLoW library, using some syntactic sugar)
combined_form.cgi (using PiLLoW library)
html_forms.cgi (generated using PiLLoW library)
Simple phones database: phone_db.cgi (using PiLLoW library)
html_template.html (with holes)
Simple phones database: phone_db_template.cgi (using PiLLoW library and templates)
Link checker (using PiLLoW library)

Note that the servers (the active modules) must be running for the following to work:

Simple phones database: phone_db_client.cgi (using PiLLoW library, templates, active modules).
Template for phones database with change: html_template2.html.
Phones database with change: phone_db_client2.cgi (using PiLLoW library, templates, active modules).
Phones database with change and persistence: phone_db_client2pers.cgi (using PiLLoW library, templates, active modules, persistent predicates).
WebChat: Natural Language Understanding
The WebDB Database System

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