March, 2001

James Lipton Telephone: (860) 685-2188

Dept. of Mathematics Home: (860) 344-8246

Wesleyan University Math. Dept. fax: (860) 685-2571

Middletown CT 06459-0128 e-mail:


Dissertation: Relating Kripke Models and Realizability. Advisor: Anil Nerode.

Teaching and Research Appointments

Administrative Appointments

Resident Director, Vassar-Wesleyan-Colgate Program in Spain, Aug 1999-July 2000.

Visiting Appointments

Visiting Researcher, Technical University of Madrid, Oct.-Dec.2000

Visiting Researcher, University of Pisa, Sept. 2000.

Visiting Researcher, Technical University of Madrid, Oct.-Dec.1997

Visiting Researcher, University of Pisa, Jun.-Oct. 1997.

Visiting Researcher, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge University, Aug-Sept. 1995.

Visiting Professor of Computer Science, University of Nancy, France, May-June 1994 &1995.


Sloane Dissertation Fellow, July 1900 - August 1989.

MSI Graduate Research Fellow, 1987-1988, summer 1987, summer 1988.

Hutchinson Fellow , spring 1987.

Work Experience

Consultant, Logic Programming and Expert Systems, Mathematical Science Institute,

Cornell, 1987-1990.


Fluent in written and spoken Spanish, comfortable with spoken French.

Research Interests

Relational andLogic Programming, Intuitionistic Semantics, Constructive Set Theory, Categorical Logic

Selected Publications

"A New Framework for Declarative Programming" Theoretical Computer Science,

(with Peter Freyd and Stacy Finkelstein), to appear, 2001.

"Encapsulating data in logic programming via categorical constraints" (with R. McGrail),

in C. Palamidessi, H.Glaser, and K.Meinke, editors, Principles of Declarative Programming,

volume 1490 of LNCS, Springer Verlag, 1998.

"Some Intuitions Behind Realizability Semantics for Constructive Logic: Tableaux and

Läuchli Countermodels" Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, pp. 187-239, vol 81,

Elsevier North-Holland, (with Michael O´Donnell), 1996.

"Type, Theory and Inhabitation: A Constructive Completeness Theorem for Martin-Löf Type Theory" to appear in the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.

"Combinatory Logic Programming: Computing In Relation Calculi" in Proceedings of the 1994 International Symposium on Logic Programming, M. Bruynooghe, ed. M.I.T. Press, pp. 269-285, (with Paul Broome), 1994.

"Logic Programming in Tau-Categories", in Computer Science Logic '94, LNCS 933,Springer, pp. 249-263, (with Peter Freyd and Stacy Finkelstein), 1995.

"Provability in TBLL (the Tensor Bang Fragment of Linear Logic)", in Computer Science Logic (proceedings of CSL '91, Bern), LNCS 613, Springer-Verlag, pp. 53-67, (with J. Chirimar), 1992. Expanded version appeared as Univ. of Pennsylvania Technical eport, 1993.

"Constructive Kripke Semantics and Realizability" in Logic for Computer Science, Y.N. Moschovakis, ed. MSRI Publications, vol. 21, Springer, pp. 319-358, 1991.

"Kripke Semantics for Dependent Type Theory and Realizability Interpretations", in

Constructivity in Computer Science, LNCS 613, Springer-Verlag, pp. 22-31, 1991.

Invited Publications

"Realizability, Set Theory and Term Extraction", in The Curry-Howard Isomorphism, 8ème

volume des cahiers du centre de logique de L'Université Catholique de Louvain, pp. 257-364, 1994.

"Intuitive Counterexamples for Constructive Fallacies", in Mathematical Foundations of Computer

Science 1994 - MFCS ´94, Kosice, Slovakia, August 1994 - LNCS 841, 87-111, (with Michael O'Donnell), 1994.

Short Courses Taught

Lambda calculus, type theory and linear logic given at the Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic, ASL meeting, Bahía Blanca, Argentina. August 1992.

Intuitionistic and Categorical Logic, University of Nancy, France, May-June 1994.

Linear Logic, Uniform Proof Systems, Categories and Logic Programming, Bahía Blanca,

Argentina. August 1996.

Categorical Methods in Logic Programming, University of Pisa, June 1997.

Lambda-prolog and related logic programming extensions, Technical University of Madrid, 1997, 2000.

Workshops Organized: "Categories and Logic Programming", Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge University, 1995.


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