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CIAO WEBCHAT Sample Queries

WEBCHAT can answer many questions written in English in a limited domain: geography. These are a few examples of the questions that it can answer. Note that in WEBCHAT capital letters beginning a word are not distinguished from lower case. If WEBCHAT does not understand a word it says so. WEBCHAT can answer several questions in one query. Note that more and more complete answers will be generated if the distributed access option is selected, since WEBCHAT then will have access to additional databases. Also, note that if the parallel execution option is selected the queries are (hopefully, if machine load allows) computed faster, specially if several questions are submitted simultaneously.
What rivers are there?
Does Afghanistan border China?
What is the capital of Upper_Volta?
Which is the largest country?
Which countries are European?
Which country's capital is London?
Which is the largest African country?
What is the ocean that borders African countries
 and that borders Asian countries?
Which countries are bordered by two seas?
How many countries does the Danube flow through?
Is there more than one country in each continent?
Is there some ocean that does not border any country?
Which country bordering the Mediterranean borders a country
 that is bordered by a country whose population exceeds
 the population of India?
Which countries have a population exceeding 10 million?
What countries are there in Europe?