Third COMPULOG NET Workshop


Parallelism and Implementation Technologies

This report is a collection of the papers and extended abstracts corresponding to the presentations at the Third Compulog-Net Workshop on Parallelism and Implementation Technologies held in Utrecht on September 23rd, 1995 and sponsored by DGIII Esprit Basic Research Project 7230, COMPULOG NET, Network of Excellence in Computational Logic.

Organising Committee

Pedro López
Manuel Hermenegildo

Presented Papers
An overview of the ACE Project.
Enrico Pontelli and Gopal Gupta (New Mexico State U., USA).
Higher-Order Programming in an OR-intensive Style.
Paul Tarau (U. de Moncton, Canada) and Bart Demoen (Katholieke U. Leuven, Belgium).
Efficient Or-Parallel Interpretation of Logic Programs Handling Multi-Bindings.
Gonzalo Escalada-Imaz (Artificial Intelligence Research Institut, Spain) and Ana M. Martinez-Enriquez (Center of Advanced Studies of the I.P.N., Mexico).
Using Sparse Binding Arrays for Or-parallelism.
Manuel Eduardo Correia, Vitor Santos Costa, and Fernando Silva (U. do Porto, Portugal).
An Environment to Study Dynamic Load Balancing Functions and its Application to the Parallel Logic System PLoSys.
S.E. Kannat, E. Morel and J. Briat (LGI-IMAG-INPG, France).
The CIAO Multiparadigm Compiler and System: A Progress Report.
Manuel Hermenegildo and the CLIP Group (Technical University of Madrid, Spain).
Distributed Concurrent Constraint Execution in the CIAO System.
D. Cabeza and M. Hermenegildo (Technical University of Madrid, Spain).
Magic Sets Transforms of Functional Logic Programs.
J. Marin~o and J.J. Moreno-Navarro (Technical University of Madrid, Spain).
Towards a Declarative Language for Parallel and Concurrent Programming.
Silvia Breitinger, Rita Loogen (Philipps-U. Marburg, Germany) and Yolanda Ortega-Mallen (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain).