Second COMPULOG NET Workshop


Parallelism and Implementation Technologies

This page is a collection of the papers corresponding to the presentations at the Second Compulog-Net Workshop and Area Meeting on Parallelism and Implementation Technologies held in Madrid on September 17, 1994 and sponsored by DGIII Esprit Basic Research Project 7230, COMPULOG NET, Network of Excellence in Computational Logic.

Organising Committee

María García de la Banda
Manuel Hermenegildo

Presented Papers

Session 1: Implementation
The Power of Partial Translation: an Experiment with the C-ification of Binary Prolog
P. Tarau, B. Demoen and K. De Bosschere
Université de Moncton, K. University of Leuven and Universiteit Gent
SLX- A Top-Down Derivation Procedure for Programs with Explicit Negation
J.J. Alferes, C.V. Damasio and L.M. Pereira
U. Nova de Lisboa
Logic Programming and Logic Grammars with First-order Continuations
P. Tarau and V. Dahl
Université de Moncton and Simon Fraser University

Session 2: Parallelism 1
Aurora and Friends on the Sun
M.E. Correira, F. Silva and V. Santos Costa
University do Porto
Modeling Backtracking, Disjunctive Constraints, and Control/Data Or-Parallelism
D.A. Smith
University of Waikato
PDP: Prolog Distributed Processor for Independent And/Or Parallel Execution of Prolog
L. Araujo and J.J. Ruz
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Session 3: Parallelism 2
On the Uses of Attributed Variables in Parallel and Concurrent Logic Programming Systems
M. Hermenegildo, D. Cabeza and M. Carro
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Independence in (Constraint) Logic Programs with Dynamic Scheduling
M. García de la Banda, M. Hermenegildo and K. Marriott
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Monash University