First COMPULOG NET Workshop


Parallelism and Implementation Technologies

This page is a collection of the papers corresponding to the presentations at the First Compulog-Net Workshop and Area Meeting on Parallelism and Implementation Technologies held in Madrid on May 24-25, 1993 and sponsored by DGIII Esprit Basic Research Project 7230, COMPULOG NET, Network of Excellence in Computational Logic.

Organising Committee

Francisco Bueno
Juan José Moreno-Navarro
Manuel Hermenegildo

Presented Papers
Performance of the Compiler-based Andorra-I System
D. H. D. Warren (U. of Bristol, U.K.)
Work in collaboration with R. Yang, T. Beaumont, I. Dutra, V. Santos-Costa
Smoothing the rough edges in Aurora
M. Carlsson (SICS, Sweden), E. L. Lusk (AN Laboratory, U.S.A.), P. Szeredi (IQSOFT, Hungary)
Scheduling Speculative Work in MUSE
K. A. M. Ali, R. Karlsson (SICS, Sweden)
An OR Parallel Prolog Model for Distributed Memory Systems
V. Benjumea, J.M. Troya (U. of Málaga, Spain)
Implementing Unification in a Distributed Environment
A. Ciampolini, E. Lamma, P. Mello, C. Stefanelli (U. of Bologna, Italy)
Not available
Exploiting Restricted And-Parallelism and Or-Parallelism in Logic Programs with Multisystems
G. Escalada-Imaz (Research Institute in Artificial Inteligence, Spain)
Towards CIAO-Prolog -- a parallel concurrent constraint system
M. V. Hermenegildo and the CLIP group (Technical U. of Madrid, Spain)
Issues in Implementing ACE: A Stack Copying Based And-Or Parallel System
E. Pontelli, G. Gupta (New Mexico State U., U.S.A.), M. V. Hermenegildo (UPM, Spain)
Executing Bounded Quantifications on Shared Memory Multiprocessors
J. Barklund, J. Bevemyr (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Reform Prolog
J. Bevemyr, T. Lindgren, H. Millroth (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Parsing as Resolution
M. Vilares, J. Graña (U. of La Coruña, Spain)
Constraint Window in AKL
J. Montelius (SICS, Sweden)
Towards AKL with Intelligent Pruning
S. Abreu, L. M. Pereira (New U. of Lisboa, Portugal)
Optimization techniques for nondeterministic promotion in the Andorra Kernel Language
R. Moolenaar, B. Demoen (Catholic U. of Leuven, Belgium)
Concurrent Tableaux
J. Cunningham (Imperial College, U.K.)
Turbo Erlang: An Efficient Implementation of A Concurrent Programming Language
B. Hausman (Ellemtel Telecommunications Systems Laboratories, Sweden)
An Integration of Logic and Objects by Extending Unification
E. Pimentel, J.M. Troya (U. of Málaga, Spain)
Sharing Groups Revisited
A. King (U. of Southampton, U.K.)
Using Demandedness Information on the Compilation of Lazy Narrowing
J.J. Moreno-Navarro, J. Mariño (Technical U. of Madrid, Spain),
H. Kuchen, W. Hans, S. Winkler (U. of Aachen, Germany)