SUMMARY: Oracle7.3 on Solaris2.6

Sergio Edo. Miranda (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:44:47 -0300 (CDT)

I received several responses, but i didnt have success in order to
install oracle 7.3.2 with Solaris 2.6
The oracle page says they have been certificated ver 7.3.3 ->
So, i hope to upgrade soon
Other sugestions were to install patches, use previus installers or copy
the installer to the hard disk, but nothing works fine

Many thanks to:
Ray Trzaska <>
Roland Grefer <>
"Milt Webb, IQ Software" <>
"Auteria Wally Winzer Jr." <wally.winzer@ChampUSA.COM>
Rachel Polanskis <>
Mariel Feder <>
Nemeth Zoltan <>

Sergio Edo. Miranda
Grupo de Ingenieria - CEC
Universidad de Chile