SUMMARY: Solaris build host/target platform issues

Marc S. Gibian (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:00:14 -0500

In the catagory of better late than never, here is a summary that I've been
holding back with for quite some time.

I had asked questions regarding Solaris OS version compatibility between that
used for building an application and that on which it is run. The answer, and
one that SHOULD have been obvious to me, is that you must compile on the oldest
version of Solaris on which your application must run, and that by definition,
it should be upward compatible to later versions. There are some special cases
where this does not work, in which case the application must be built on the
specific OS version(s) on which it is to run.

A late but grateful thank you to:

Amanul Haque <>
Rick Reineman <>
Joel Lee <>
Jim Harmon <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Ian TCollins <>


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