Uptime not showing boot time

John Horne (J.Horne@plymouth.ac.uk)
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 11:29:23 +0000 (GMT)


Phew! I received a good 20 or so replies to my queries regarding the above
subject and the disk reporting being full. I'm impressed. You all got the disk
full problem sussed as the file, in effect, still being present on the disk -
I know now for next time. Thanks for all the replies.

Some people hadn't met the problem with 'uptime' (or 'who -b') not showing the
system boot date/time, so I thought I'd reply with its cause. Again, some
of you were quite right in that we have a housekeeping job which removes the
/var/adm/utmp(wtmp) files. Since these contain the system boot time, after
housekeeping uptime can't show the date/time since it's not in the file any
more! Silly me.


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