Bob Radvanovsky (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 11:55:16 -0600

This question has been forwarded from a friend who's SPARCstation has
failed. I've included his email address in case someone wanted to send him
email directly rather than through me.

I might be inclined to think that this may be a malfunctioning keyboard
that may be causing this failure. I've seen a similar occurrence on a

Dose anyone have any ideas? Mucho appreciato.


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>Not sure, but the keyboard diagnostic lights on the right side of my type
4 keyboard indicate a system failure somewhere. I'm don't remember what
the light codes mean anymore so I don't know what died. There are 4 lights
in a row side-by-side (you know?) and the two lights farthest to the right
stay lit and the system hangs HARD! No keyboard functionality after the
hang or anything.

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Managers, sorry for the late summary.

The overwhelming majority of people recommended hylafax, even though
it's not as straightforward a configuration as one might wish.

Other recommendations included: RightFAX (for NT!) and Omtool's fax

Thank you to all the people who responded.


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