SUMMARY: SGI mailing list
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:07:30 -0800

Original Question:

> Hello friends-
> Does anyone have info on an SGI mailing list similar to this one?

Here are some answers. Thanks to all who replied.


Here's a whole pile. Pass them on!


Vendor List Name How to Subscribe
====== ========= ================

Cray unicos-l ask
(CUG members only)

DEC AlphaNT send "subscribe" to

DEC decstation-managers send "subscribe

HP hpux-admin send "subscribe hpux-admin" to

IBM AIX-L send "subscribe aix-l your name" to

RedHat axp-list send "subscribe" to

SGI info-iris ask
(high volume: duplicates
comp.sys.sgi.* newsgroups)

Sun sun-managers ask


I have asked this question several times over the past few years, and
the answer has always been, "No but it sounds like a good idea." So,
I've created just recently.

If you go to and select the "Public mailing list"
button you can add youself to the existing list. The list is small
right now since I just started it. I haven't posted it to this group
yet, I kust haven't taken the time. If you do in your summary that
will be great, or I will.



If you get an answer could you forward it to me ? The only other
I know is the comp.sys.sgi.admin newsgroup

Have you looked at "comp.sys.sgi.*" ?

There are nine newsgroups there, and of them, you'll find at least one
that advertises administratove distribution lists.


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