SUMMARY Ultra2 cannot see HP DDS3 std & apologies for HTML submission

Mark Lundy (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 10:26:20 -0600

First, my apologies to all offended by the HTML-encoded submission. It won't
again (also, it WAS NOT Microcrap submitted, rather netscape on an Ultra2!)

Thanks to all who replied with the correct answer, to add definitions for the
to the /kernel/drv/st.conf file. Special thanks to Noli Aurea
<> for including the lines defining the drive (and saving me
some surf time!) Here are the entries to add:

"HP C1537A", "HP DDS-3 4mm DAT ",
"HP C1557A", "HP DDS-3 4mm DAT loader", "HP_DAT",
HP_DAT = 1,0x34,0,0x9639,4,0x00,0x8c,0x8c,0x8c,1;

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