Re[2]:SUM:Volume Manager and 450 Ultra Enterprise
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 09:53:19 -0600

Thanks to Roger Klorese and Nicholas Masika who both indicated that Volume
Manager 2.4 does NOT work with the 450 Enterprise. I have contacted Sun for
Volume Manager 2.5.

F.Y.I. - Sun also recommended patch 105463-03 to be applied with Volume Manager

Thanks again to the group

Mark Conroy-

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Subject: RE: Volume Manager and 450 Ultra Enterprise
Author: "Klorese; Roger B.A." <> at Internet
Date: 2/5/98 12:13 PM

VM 2.4 was not certified for use with the 450. You must use 2.5.1 for
support on a 450.

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>Subject: Volume Manager and 450 Ultra Enterprise
> Question for the group,
> A couple of months ago, I installed Volume Manager 2.4 on an Ultra 450
> Entreprise running Solaris 2.6. There were some initial problems with
> adding disks. I contacted Sun and opened a problem with them. Sun
> was about to hand it over to their development team, and our
> application vendor indicated that they wanted to use DiskSuite instead
> of Volume Manager. I dropped the open problems and did not pursue it.
> Now we are revisiting installing Volume Manager on the 450, and was
> wondering if anyone out there is running Volume Manager on a 450
> enterprise without any problems?
> Thanks in advance.
> Mark Conroy