SUMMARY: Booting Problem

Kwok Tang (
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 20:41:51 +0000

Thanks to all those who replied, most of which suggested looking at the
devalias and diag-switch? parameters. Both of these were correct were
correctly setup on my machine. How I solved it was by chance and intuition,
I noticed that the boot-command variable was set to "boot" which is what
most machines will have it set to. So I took a guess and changed the
parameter to "boot cgo2boot", and, viola, it works.

My guess is that there may be a bug in the PROM if you specify a devalias
for your boot-device instead of the usual "disk", "cdrom", etc. Can anyone
confirm this?

Thanks again to those who replied,


Here's the original posting:

Does anyone know why a Sun Enterprise 4000 is trying to boot off CD-ROM or
off the network even though the Boot PROM settings are as follows:

boot-device = "cgo2boot" (name of the boot disk)
boot-file = "" i.e. empty

If I STOP A the boot process and type from the boot prompt

boot cgo2boot

All is fine and boots as normal.

I've even tried

boot-device = "disk"
boot-file = "cgo2disk"

but I suspect this is wrong as I think boot-file is referring to the kernel