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Tue, 03 Feb 1998 09:42:56 -0600 (CST)

Hi All,

I received several recommndations for mutt, hypermail,netscape, etc. At
his point, we will most likely go with hypermail so that the info will be
available via www.

Thanks to:Scott Morris, Michael Pavlov, Claus Assmann, Miquel Cabanas,
Michael Pins, Edward C. Zimmerman, Jim Harmon, Frank Cusack, Tim Carlson,
Michael Hill, Karl Vogel, Rodney C. Marable, Ian MacPhedran, Edwin
Groeneschey, Rich Kulawiec, Sweth Chandramouli, David Thorburn-Gun,
Richard Dodds

Original Question:
Scenario: I have several mail archives (mailboxes) with technical
mail. I am looking for a tool that is able to follow a "thread" of mail,
most likely using the subject line to determine thread membership. Does
anyone know of such a tool? All suggestions appreciated.


Scott Morris:
How about PINE. I use it just for the threading ability.

Michael Pavlov:
Netscape does a very good job.

Claus Assmann:
mutt can do this. See:

Miquel Cabanas:
i think Hypermail is what you're looking for... although it generates
HTML pages to interface to the sorted sort mails and you may not like

Michael Pins:
Most newsreaders will read mailfiles. I read all my mailing lists with nn
(actually nnview). It will thread a mailfile just like a newsgroup. If
you have nn installed and the mailfolder is named, just run:
% nnview

Edward C. Zimmermann;
Better.. A tool that lets one index and search mail, including digests and
that also can track threads.. In can also index all kinds of other
including HTML, News etc.
If you look down the page you will see a few MAILFOLDER demos including an
archive from Sun Managers list..

The beta for SPARC Solaris 2.5/2.6 is FREE.

Jim Harmon:
Netscape's mail program does so.

Frank Cusack:
Try sorting by subject! Other than that, emacs will do what you want,
and there is a MUA call MUTT that will work well. You can find pointers
to MUTT at

Tim Carlson:
You could use hypermail to HTMLize the mail. It can sort by
thread/date/author etc..

just do a search for hypermail.102.tar

Michael Hill:
I use mutt, which has a lot of cool features,
including message threading. For more information, visit
<A HREF="">The mutt home page</A>.

Karl Vogel:
1. Read your mail using the GNUs newsreader, somewhere under

2. Convert your existing archives to web-format using hypermail or
MHonArc. Both work well. I prefer hypermail because it will
four different indexes for viewing mail messages: sort by author,
date, subject, or thread.

hypermail: under the Tools directory

Rodney C. Marable:
You are looking for something that does mail filtering.
Netscape Communicator and exmh, among others, have this capability.

Ian MacPhedran:
It looks like you're using pine. Pine can do this by going to the index
(i) selecting (;) text (t) in the subject (s), typing in the subject string,
press return, then zoom in (z) on those messages.

You can than apply (a) commands to those messages.

Edwin Groeneschey:
You could use Hypermail to generate HTML files of your mailbox.
It sorts the messages on date, author and thread.

Rich Kulawiec:
I use 'mutt' as my mailer; it's a descendant, more or less, of elm,
which is a descendant, more or less, of Berkeley mail. Mutt handles
this very nicely and, of the dozens of mail clients I've fiddled with,
does the job the best. (I'm still converting my fingers' idea of
the keystrokes from elm, but it's worth it.)

for the whole story.

Sweth Chandramouli:
the mutt email client allows threaded reading of mail, by both
references and in-reply-to header, along with (as an option) subject.
pine, i have been told, also does threaded reading.

David Thorburn-Gundlach:
Have you tried mutt? It's a mail user agent (a la pine, elm, mush,
mail, etcetc) that supports threading (and a host of other

Check out

for info. They're even working on support for compressed mail
folders :-)

Richard Dodds:
netscape or xemacs will do it.

Thanks to all,
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