SUMMARY: MX record vs aliases file
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 12:24:50 +0800

The original posting:

>I'm attempting to discover the relationship between the
>DNS MX records and the mail aliases database on a system
>running Solaris 2.5.1. The MX records for our domain indicate
>a system inside the firewall. That's fine and works well.
>However, I'd like to have a local aliases database on the
>firewall itself for particular names. It would seem that external
>mail checks the MX record on the firewall and delivers all mail
>to the internal mail hub directly without consulting the firewall's
>aliases. Mail sent on the firewall itself *does* access the
>aliases database.

Thanks to the many who answered. The general consensus is
that if the MX record indicates a system inside the firewall, the
mail is sent directly to that system without going through sendmail
on the firewall system itself. Only when mail is sent locally does
the alias database get consulted. I thought that was probably
the case, but hoped there was a way to force it.