The Computational logic, Languages, Implementation, and Parallelism Laboratory

Hardware Resources of the CLIP Laboratory

Apart from the resources (computers, printers, etc.) provided by the IMDEA Software Institute and the UPM School of Computer Science, the CLIP Laboratory has its own hardware resources, devoted to the group's projects and activities. These currently include:

  • A new multiprocessor server with 24 processors, 16 Gb of Memory
  • A 6 Tb Disk Array of in RAID5.
  • A multiprocessor PC server (Dell PowerEdge 4600, 2 processors, 4 Gb of Mem), mirroring the main server, used mainly for backup purposes.
  • A 50+Tb CoRaid continuous backup system.
  • A net of testing machines (for continuous testing of the SW packages we distribute, specially Ciao), including a server with several Linux and Windows virtual machines, a Macintosh workstation, with MacOsX, and a SPARC station with Solaris.
  • Several laptops (with auxiliary monitors and keyboards) and presentation equipment.
  • Several workstations (currently Macs and Intel Dual Core 2.4GHz boxes), with 24" monitors, headphones, webcams, and several flavors of MacOS X, Linux, Windows, etc.
  • A videconferencing-equipped meeting room, and videconferencing on most workstations and laptops.
  • Access to the Magerit supercomputer, a cluster of 180 eServer BladeCenter JS20 located in our department which is part of the National Supercomputing Center.
Plus the usual set of printers, tape and CD/DVD, devices, projectors, etc.

Older equipment

As a group with a long life we have inevitably accummulated over the years some interesting (some of it even museum-worthy) older equipment which we simply could not part with. Just to name a couple of examples this includes a lisp machine and a mid-80's Sequent Balance 8000 symmetric multiprocessor (6 processors), an early precursor of modern multicore architectures (with, e.g., coherent caches). On this machine the &-Prolog system (the precursor of Ciao) ran in parallel for the first time.