The links on the topmost box of the left tab make it possible to perform the tasks detailed below.

No permissions required

View System Status
This gives a summary of the operations performed so far in the database management and update.
Download the DB
Clicking on this link will offer you a tared, gzipped file containing the current database. This file can later be uploaded to another AMOS installation in order to duplicate it.

Administration password required

Upload the DB
Make a previously saved database (either local, or from another AMOS installation) to be installed as the current one in the system. Caution: the former database will be removed and changed. It may be necessary, therefore, to make a backup.
Review Packages
This link is to be used to routinely review the packages submitted for approval, and approve or reject them.
Edit the Dictionary
This leads to a form where all dictionary terms can be inspected and updated, and more terms and generalizations can be added.
Manage the DB
This link allows the administrator to search packages and to edit them.
Modify Dialogues
The text and appearance of the administration interface can be changed here on-the-fly.
Reload Templates
This makes the dialogues modified in the last link to be reloaded in the tool.


Database Navigation, Reviewing Procedure, Editing the Dictionary, and Server Management
These point to online documentation detailing the reviewing procedure and the search capabilities of the tool.