SUMMARY Part II: Mounting NFS file systems r/w

Leo Crombach (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 13:07:13 -0400

Although I already posted a summary to my question, I felt the following
response from Rick Reineman may be helpful to anyone else who may have to
administer Pro/E on Sun workstations.


You can't write to an NFS mounted filesystem as root. To the server you
are not root, you are nobody. There are ways to fix this, but it would
more desirable to find a way where you don't have to write as root.
Try sharing the filesystem using the anon=0 option, or you need to make
the necessary directories writable by the world.

I have done what you are doing with proe and Computervision CADDS, you
are making a good move for administration purposes. I would be very
surprised if you users don't throw a huge fit. Moving the application
from localhost to NFS will drastically affect performance, it will
take a serious dive. I highly recommend using the automounter and
setting up cachfs mounts on the clients. Suns cachefs works very well,
once it has been cached you can't tell the difference.

Rick Reineman
Lasers CAD&UNIX Systems Management
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


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