Re: Problems with "rpm --setperms"

Erik Troan (ewt@REDHAT.COM)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 14:58:13 -0500

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich wrote:

> Try to say for instance "rpm --setperms sysklogd" being root
> on your Red Hat box (5.0, 4.2 - it isn't matter) and then
> "ls -l /etc/rc.d/init.d/syslog".
> You will be surprised by rpm's opinion about right permissions
> for the file. RPM set them to 0777.
> An interesting "feature", isn't it?

Interesting to say the least ;-)

This is fixed in RPM 2.4.11, which is now available from:


Everyone using an RPM based distribution should probably upgrade, unless
they didn't know '--setperms' existsed, in which case they can ignore this
entire issue.

Thanks for pointing this out, and sorry the fix took so long (I was on
vacation last week).


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