Re: Oddities in RH 5.0

Frank Sweetser (rasmusin@WPI.EDU)
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 14:31:09 -0500

==> Regarding Oddities in RH 5.0; Tres Melton <> adds:

tres> Please forgive me if this post is not appropriate for either of these
tres> two groups since I just joined redhat-list and this is my first post
tres> to either redhat or bugtraq (except for a previous plea for help that
tres> Aleph One answered on BUGTRAQ).

tres> I have Redhat 5.0 (that came with an Applixware update) and have
tres> installed it on my system. I have run pwconv to change to shadowed
tres> passwords. This is an extremly limited installation (nothing checked
tres> on the install options). I have then added only certain packages
tres> (some binary and some source). I have installed the shadow-utils and
tres> passwd SRPMS as well.

tres> If I run "useradd -p pass1 test1" I get the oddest thing in
tres> /etc/shadow:

tres> test1:pass1:10223:0:99999:7:::

This does look like a bug. Try reporting it to and, that's where such reports should go.

tres> /etc/shadow: test2:!:10223:0:99999:7::: /etc/passwd:
tres> test2:x:502:502::/home/test:/bin/bash

tres> looks cool so far right? Now run "passwd test2" and set the
tres> password. Now the entries read like so:

tres> /etc/shadow: test2:!:10223:0:99999:7::: /etc/passwd:
tres> test2:R0KYaK5ivSnk6:501:501::/home/test2:/bin/bash

tres> Seems to me like it updated the wrong file.

You need to add the shadow argument to the line in
/etc/pam.d/passwd, so it looks something like this:

auth required /lib/security/ shadow nullok
account required /lib/security/
password required /lib/security/ retry=3
password required /lib/security/ shadow use_authtok nullok

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