Re: Gzip & segmentation faults

J.A. Gutierrez (spd@GTC1.CPS.UNIZAR.ES)
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 17:21:39 +0100

> Under NT, it just throws an exception. Probably is exploitable if you
> dinked with it enough. Instruction well in the executable's range
> references memory at 0x1.
> >MS-DOS gzip screws-up totally.

With your altered.gz
MD5 (altered.gz) = bd5fc9d6973a308f13dfe5de54d28e02

HPUX 68k => loops forever
HPUX B.10.20 => loops forever
SunOS 4.1.x => segmentation fault
Solaris 2.x => segmentation fault
Solaris x86 2.x => segmentation fault
MkLinux 2.0.30-osfmach3 PPC => segmentation fault
Linux 2.0.30 #2 i586 => segmentation fault
MacOS 8.0 68k => loops forever

MacOS 8.0 PPC => invalid compressed data--format violated
(I'd be even hapier if I knew why it doesn't crash...)

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