Re: your mail

Jonathon (jehovah@YHVH.NET)
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 10:47:16 -0500

regarding this hanson exploit... i've not been able to use it in anyway to
break my mirc 5.3, but i assume thats because i'm not using this feature
in my script... it DOES however seem to be able to crash my ICQ on a
regular basis, when directed at the ICQ port... sometimes just
disconnecting me, and sometimes causing an "internal error" that closes
the program... just thought i'd let y'all know

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Derek Reynolds wrote:

> Hi, The past week many people have downloaded the long awaited mIRC 5.3 and
> have done many nice things with it in the way of socket scripting..
> Below is a program that will exploit mIRC's new socket feature and crash the
> client and make the windows95/NT environment run very very slow (Pentium
> will now be sluggish as a 286). By the way, I have ported the src to win32
> binary executable which works aswell.
> I would like to address the author of mIRC (Khaled) : Maybe you should add
> me to your beta list.. hehe.
> keep it real
> myn@efnet
> ------- hanson.c ------------