Re: debian pppd chatscript

Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:40:28 +0100

On 15-Dec-97 Stephen Hardman wrote:

>This is a bit old, but someone else noticed this and then it
>started happening on my machine.
>The default logfile (/var/log/ppp.log) is world readable by default.
>Dec 14 16:43:15 gateway chat[362]: Password -- got it
>Dec 14 16:43:15 gateway chat[362]: send (MyPassWoRd^M)
>So it seems it is not hiding the sent password as it should
>do when the password is preceeded by \q in /etc/ppp.chatscript.
If you put \q in the previous line eg.:


OK ATDTisp-number
ogin: \qMyUsername
assword: MyPassword


It worked for me this way. This may be a bug in pppd but the 'workaround' is
easy. :) BTW in my opinion it's better to use PAP etc...


Peter Tarbaj